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Computer Aided Design - road, highway and rail design.

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About CECS, how it all started, idea, vision...



In the year 2003., Danilo Knežević (author) with unselfish guidance of prof. Dr. Dejan Gavran, defined task for his graduate exam on Civil Engineering Faculty at Belgrade University. The exam task was recognizing / rectification of design geometry for roads, and making of software, which would operate under AutoCAD environment, accompanied by GCM civil engineering software. The result of this was DRRD software, fully answering goals, set upon it. Shortly after, program went commercial, being acquired by couple of domestic companies, as their preference tool for 3R design jobs.

Soon enough, as software was constantly further developed, it largely overwhelmed its initial scope. So, it became clear that it grew to a completly new level of software packages, and being able to deal with virtually all design phases in road&rail design processes.

In the year 2006., first release of Civil Engineering CAD Solution - CECS, emerged.

Software, became such a success, right from beggining, largely over any expectations. Users praised its simplicity, and the obvious fact, that software was built by an engineer for engineers.

In the middle of year 2010., major coding for next release was over.

Finally, in September 2011., new release was officially ready for market. Its ambitions are ever growing level of acceptance of current and future users, as well as going to foreign markets.

Today CECS has around 70 users, some of them working for biggest domestic engineering companies, and it has been thoroughly tested software on some of most important high - profile designs.

Further software development, is already on the way. Numerous new visions, for productivity enhancements, and constant improvements for the sake of cutting off the loss of time, on some phases and common operations during the design process. Usability, flexibility and efficiency, will always remain in focus of authors, for any further development.


Take a look some of the educational video material:


CECS 2.0 Software is completly developed with VisualLISP programming language, with help of some additional programming interfaces (Windows Scripting, ActiveX ...).

All dialogs, are designed in DCL, language for dialog layout designing.


Platform needed for CECS software is Autodesk program AutoCAD,


or Bricsys program BricsCAD (from version V11).

And from recently, You can use even ZWCAD+




CECS is officially registered by LandXML.org organization as compatible software that meets LandXML standards and protocol, in terms of design data exchange. LandXML is most important international standard of its kind, and is supported by most important international software developers (Civil3D, Plateia,...).




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